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Look Alert! Fake It Til You Make It

We’d all love to get our recommended eight hours of sleep each night. But life has a tendency to get in the way of that goal. We’ve got school, work, outings with friends, things to’s no wonder it’s hard to get a little shut-eye. Luckily, there are a few tricks to look fresh-faced and alert, even when you’re secretly not.

  • Work Some Makeup Magic: The right concealer can make all the difference. Pick one that’s not too dry or cakey--a creamy concealer is best for making those under-eye circles vanish.
  • Un-Puff Your Eyes: Hate how puffy your eyes feel after a bad night’s sleep? Banish the swollen skin with a simple trick. Put a spoon in the freezer, then press it gently against your eyes until it’s not cold anymore. The cold will zap your skin into submission.
  • Manage Your Caffeine Intake: We all really, really need that caffeine boost some days. But avoid drinking it after 3 p.m., and you won’t sabotage the next night’s sleep. So what about fixing today’s groggy feeling? Pick a healthy source of caffeine, like green tea, and be sure to drink it in the morning.
  • Dress The Part: Who looks more tired--the girl in the sweatpants with unwashed hair, or the girl who’s dressed up and wearing makeup? Trick your coworkers (and yourself!) into thinking you’re more awake by looking your best. You’ll feel more ready to face the day if you look awake.
  • Breathe Deep: Got a minute or two do some yoga poses? Before you leave for work or school, take some time to breathe deeply, center yourself, and awaken your mind.
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