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How to Wear Jacket Earrings

Think the most stylish jackets are hanging in your closet? Think again! The earring jacket trend is here to stay, and we know just how to wear it.

So wait. What exactly is an earring jacket? Think a two piece ensemble for your ear. This two piece stud creates a simultaneously stylish 3D effect. Fashionistas everywhere are taking note with this delicate, yet detailed look. From the fashion enthused to girl-next-door, this is a trend we can all get on board with!

Seen on the likes of Diane Krugar, Jamie King, and Jessica Alba, earring jackets are making a name and taking over BOTH sides of the ear. From red carpet events to the everyday wear, this look is truly ideal for every woman looking to elevate their style.

The beauty of an earring jacket is their versatility. Looking for a bold statement set? Or a bit of fresh edge? Maybe just a glimmer of gold? These multifaceted earring jackets allow you to create a look all your own. Mix and match or style as they come, the look is up to you!


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