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    Gold, silver, rose gold...these are all classic jewelry tones, and they're pretty gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves. But there's a whole other world out there of sleek, elegant jewelry, and that world doesn't involve metallics at all. We're talking resin, of course! Our Resin on the Rise collection brings out the beauty of natural tones and candy colors-- and will bring out your inner beauty, too.

    All of the earrings in this collection have unique patterns and markings, giving you a look that's all your own. Whether you opt for the chic and professional tortoise hoops or the eye-catching open organic resin earrings, people are going to take note of your spectacular sense of style! Don't be surprised when everyone you meet asks you where you got them.

    Of course, you may not be into natural colors and tones. That's why you can opt for a colorful resin pair of earrings instead. Pastel lucite hoops in a variety of darling shades are perfect for adding a pop of color to your look, and resin teardrop stud dangles blend beautiful shades to create a wholly unique piece. No matter what you choose, you're going to stun when you wear these resin earrings! 

    Resin on the Rise

    Gold, silver, rose gold...these are all classic jewelry tones, and they're pretty... 

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    There are some things you just can’t get enough of. No matter how many you have, you know there’s always room for more. Why should your favorite accessory—rings—be any different? There’s no need to limit yourself to just a ring or two when you can wear them all. We know that if you like one ring, you’ll love our stackable sterling silver rings that you can combine into an infinite number of looks. No matter where you’re headed or how many rings you feel like wearing, we’ve got exactly what you need to make your style pop!

    Whether you want to show off your favorite color or just love to match everything in your outfit by color, you can’t go wrong with our bright, sparkling celebration rings. Canary yellow? Check! Emerald and sapphire tones? We’ve got those colors too! Whether you’re looking for a ring with a ton of bling and lots of detail, or you’d prefer to stick with a more elegant look, we have it on hand. And the best part of our stackable rings? If you can’t decide which color or look you like best, you don’t have to make that heartbreaking decision. You can just stack them all! No one will have as much variety as you do at your next fancy event. Everyone will want to know where you got all of those fun stacked pieces.

    Looking for rings that will help you stand out from the crowd? We’ve got plenty of unusual shapes that are sure to draw attention. Our delicate, twisted arrow ring is a unique piece, while our Roman numeral ring has personality that will pair with just about any other ring in your collection. Of course, we’ve got plenty of options for the more traditional ring-wearer. A little aquamarine or amethyst will take a plain ring to a new level, or can be worn together for a cute stacked look.

    Preparing to take the next step in your relationship—and thinking about asking your girlfriend to become your wife? Give her a ring with personality, beauty and flair. Our sterling silver engagement bands are stackable too! With such a wide variety of engagement bands, you’re sure to find one that can be paired with the other beautiful rings you’ve gotten her from Sterling Forever. Pick out an engagement ring that pairs well with any other stackables, or make it the one that will stand out—no matter which one you choose, you know she’ll say yes the moment she lays eyes on one of our rings.

    Best of all, our stacking rings are as beautiful as those in the jewelry stores, but don’t carry those heavy jewelry store price tags. After all, an amazing ring shouldn’t put you in debt! Our designs are beautiful and combine with each other even more beautifully, and they stack pretty well with your budget, too. So feel free to mix and match away! They say the more the merrier, and we know they were talking about our fantastic ring collection. 

    Stackable Rings & Eternity Bands

    There are some things you just can’t get enough of. No matter...