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High Voltage Ear Crawlers


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High Voltage Ear Crawlers


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Add a jolt of style to your OOTD with our extra-cute high voltage ear crawlers! These dainty accessories are still bold enough to pack a fashionable punch to any look. The perfect gift for a friend who always wants to look her most on-trend!

20 mm in length

.5 grams in weight

14K Gold Plated Brass

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Are you all ears when it comes to finding out about the newest fashion earring trends? Do you refuse to walk out the door unless you’ve got the perfect bit of bling on? Do you feel completely unprepared to face your day if your earrings don’t complement your outfit perfectly? Don’t go anywhere, because you’re in the right place—pure heaven for lovers of all things earring. We at Sterling Forever love shopping for earrings just as much as you do, and we’re determined to bring as much variety and style to our earrings as you do to your outfits!

We’ve got everything you need, from studs to dangly earrings and everything in between. Spell out how you feel with our unique initial earrings, or make a daring, feminine-punk statement with our incredibly trendy blue crystal ear cuffs. Show someone special you’ll care for them forever and always with our infinity symbols or our Love earrings. And what could be a better gift for the little girl in your life who just got her ears pierced than a delicate pair of daisy stud earrings? Our earrings are perfect gifts for birthdays, engagements, graduations, or a gift for anytime to show someone who loves jewelry that you know exactly what would look amazing on them.

Want to be ahead of this year’s trends? Of course you do, and we have just the thing! Try a pair of double-sided stud earrings on, and before you know it, everyone around you will be dying to copy your style. And if you’re a serious fashionista who has to match every single piece of jewelry you wear with your outfit of the day, rest easy knowing that we’ve got our double-sided studs in just about every color you can think of. Go for the gold double sided earrings, dazzle everyone around you with an ever-so-pretty rosy pearl, or make a mysterious statement when you go out tonight with black. No matter which pair you decide on—and yes, it’s hard to decide, we know!—you’re in good company. Celebrities are snapping up this trend, and you’ll be as stylish as anyone walking the red carpet when you put on your first pair.

You might think that a collection this beautiful will cost you a bundle. Nonsense! After all, why shell out money in the quadruple digits for diamonds or precious stones when you can have durable, beautiful sterling silver earrings that will last a lifetime, and for a fraction of the price? For the avid earring collector, nothing’s better for your collection—or for your wallet—than our wide assortment of earrings in all shapes and sizes. You might need to get a bigger jewelry box once you realize how many of our sterling silver earrings you can afford! Our earring collection includes dozens of pairs that are less than fifty dollars, but no one will ever believe that the sparkle on your ears cost anything less than a fortune. Hey, your secret is safe with us!

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