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White Marble Layered Stone Necklace


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White Marble Layered Stone Necklace


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Layered necklaces aren't just a hot trend--they're a super easy way to dress up any outfit! Take your look to the next level just by adding this gorgeous white marble layered stone necklace. Perfect for casual events, high-fashion outings, and everything in between.

27mm Large Pendant, 15mm small pendant

18" first layer, 24" Second Layer, Adjustable 2" for total Length

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If one of something is good, two must be better—or even three, or four! It’s true for a lot of things, but especially necklaces, which is why we love to layer them. And thankfully, we’ve got plenty of layered necklace collections to ensure that you’ll have the perfect combination of pieces for when you’re headed out to look your most stylish. Our layered necklace collection is perfect for mixing and matching, whether it’s a group of lucky wishbones or a delicate collection of sterling silver bows and ribbons. Express your femininity, show off your unique and creative personal style, or just have fun layering as many of our sterling silver necklaces as you see fit!

There’s nothing cuter for you to wear to your sorority gathering than a sparkling sterling silver chevron necklace, and later, when you’re going out with the girls, layer it with a gold disk for a bold, funky nighttime look. Impress everyone in your art class with a boho-chic eye necklace set, or show your mom or best friend that your love will last forever with a gem-studded infinity necklace that perfectly layers with both big and small necklaces.

Want to catch the eye of that cutie in your class or at work? Invoke the magic of Cupid himself with a sparkling Cupid’s arrow necklace—layer it with your other favorites to make a statement, and maybe to get him to ask you out. And if you know your friend has to be on top of every trend, be sure to give her a tasseled crystal necklace for her birthday to ensure that she’ll be the envy of everyone she meets. She’ll adore you for it!

If you’re on your way to an interview for that dream job you’ve been fantasizing about forever, and you want to look your most professional (but maybe also as cute as you can be)? Nothing could be better than a pair of layered gold crescents. Elegant and understated, these bars will pull together a career look, but will also look just as good when you’re out celebrating your new job at brunch the next week. Who says layered necklaces can’t be multitaskers, too?

Of course, you don’t have to be on a CEO’s salary to afford these amazing sterling silver pieces. We’re all about bringing you the most gorgeous pieces for the best price. And who doesn’t love getting two for the price of one, especially when the price is so great to start with? Our layered sterling silver necklaces are widely varied, so you can pick and choose your favorites and start layering away. Then again, maybe you just can’t choose, and who can blame you? You’re just going to have to get them all, and layer them together in new ways every day to match your outfit and your mood. With all our layered sterling silver pieces under $65, you’re sure to find plenty of stuff to layer and to love, no matter what your budget looks like. 

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