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          5 Reasons to Love Sterling Silver Jewelry
          Even though you may not be able to afford the designer jewelry that celebrities love, that’s totally fine. In fact, there’s really no need to spend thousands of dollars on a jewelry collection anymore, because Sterling Forever has one of the largest online selections of high quality and finest .925 sterling silver jewelry and CZ cubic zirconia jewelry, as well as on-trend fashion jewelry at affordable prices. Here are five reasons to begin your own sterling silver jewelry collection:

          Sterling Silver Jewelry is Gorgeous
          Silver is considered to be one of the most useful and beautiful objects in the world. Sterling silver jewelry has a timeless appeal and has been in fashion for years.

          Sterling Silver Jewelry is Universally Flattering
          Yellow gold doesn't always look flattering to everyone but sterling silver has a certain warmth and luminosity works well for any skin tone.

          Sterling Silver Jewelry is an Amazing Base for Metal
          Sterling silver can also be made with gold plating, rhodium electroplating, or combined with other metals and gemstones so your jewelry will still look expensive.

          Sterling Silver Jewelry Won’t Turn your Skin Green
          Have you ever experienced taking off a piece of costume jewelry to find a green ring around your finger? This will never happen with high quality sterling silver pieces.

          Sterling Silver Jewelry is a Great Value
          More affordable than gold or platinum, sterling silver gives you the option of expanding your jewelry collection to include all sorts of pieces for all occasions. And, because it doesn’t cost a ton you don’t have to keep that gorgeous ring stuck on a shelf, you can take it out for a night on the town!

          What type of jewelry is your favorite?
          No matter what type of jewelry you prefer - rings, earrings, necklaces - and no matter what type of style - classic, trendy, designer or celebrity - sterling silver jewelry is a great investment.

          Of course, rings are possibly the most popular type of jewelry, specifically because of engagement rings, promise rings, right-hand rings and cocktail rings. Most women have at least a few rings that they wear on a weekly, if not daily, basis.

          From bead bracelets and bangle bracelets to sparkling charm and tennis bracelets, we’ve got you covered. With our fine selection of sterling silver bracelets, you’ll discover the perfect style to complement your wardrobe.

          A pair of sterling silver earrings can highlight the best features of your face. Choose from our stylish sterling silver earring collection and dazzle everyone with your beauty. We have stud earrings, hoop earrings, dangle earrings, and dazzling cubic zirconia earrings.

          Necklaces & Pendants
          The perfect necklace completes your outfit, so it’s great to have a large selection. Consider CZ necklaces, infinity necklaces, silver lockets, cross pendants, and layering necklaces to ensure you always have the right look.

          Designer Style
          One of our most coveted sterling silver items are inspired by designs from Designer. Now, you can own and dazzle everyone with your Designer-inspired jewelry, cost. We have Designer inspired engagement rings, Designer inspired bracelets, earrings, and necklaces and pendants.

          At Sterling Forever, you can find a wide array of sterling silver jewelry, from classic silver jewelry to high-end designer styles. We always inspect every piece in our collection to be sure it’s made from 92.5% pure silver.

          We hope you enjoy your sterling silver jewelry journey!