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    Sometimes, big and bold statement jewelry just isn’t the look for you. After all, a little glitz goes a long way, and a small accessory can have a big impact on your outfit. What could that be more true for than for earrings? Subtle, delicate studs and small, stylish shapes are just the thing to take an outfit from good to great. Luckily for you, Sterling Forever has a wide assortment of delicate earrings that’ll work with your style—no matter what it is!

    So what exactly is your style? Well, if you’re not a matchy-matchy kind of gal, we have good news! Earrings don’t always have to be exactly the same. Asymmetrical earring sets are a trend that’s heating up, and we’ve got all kinds of delicate mismatched studs that will be perfect for you. Lock and key? Moon and star? Yep, we’ve got those. Of course, if you’d rather have a pair of identical delicate earrings, your options are even greater. Glittering cubic zirconia studs in purple, pink, garnet and peridot are excellent compliments to long dangle earrings, or can be worn on their own for some understated sparkle. And our initial earring set makes a fantastic gift for friends, sisters and moms, no matter what their names are.

    So why would you want to go for the delicate and subtle earring? Well, maybe you’ve got another statement piece of jewelry that you’re wearing that you want to steal the show—but you don’t want to go without earrings, either! Or perhaps you’re doing a physical activity like swimming or dancing. When you’re at the beach or at the club, you’re moving a lot, but you still want to look your best, right? These delicate earrings are perfect for keeping your look on point without hurting your ears, and you won’t run the risk of them falling out while you’re on the go. Talk about a win-win situation!

    Of course, not all our delicate earrings are simple—some of them are a little more elaborate while still small and easy to wear. Take our pearl ear pin, which is sure to be unlike anything else in your collection, or our set of fun, funky ear cuffs. See? Even though they’re not as large or dangling, they can still set you apart from the crowd, and let your individuality shine. Enjoy the best of both worlds!

    Now that you’ve picked out all the feminine, delicate earrings that you love, you’re probably thinking they’ll be more than you can afford to buy. But at Sterling Forever, we don’t believe that high-quality, fun, fashionable jewelry should look like it was worth a fortune—without, you know, actually emptying your bank account. Our cubic zirconia, sterling silver and other materials are guaranteed to last, while the price tag is guaranteed to make you smile. So get moving! These delicate studs want to be a part of your jewelry collection, and we make sure you can afford to get all the pairs that you love. 

    Delicate Earrings

    Sometimes, big and bold statement jewelry just isn’t the look for you.... 

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    A little bit can a long way—especially when it comes to jewelry. But all you’ll need to get your look on point is one of our dainty necklaces. Just a small pop of silver or gold can pull a whole outfit together, and it doesn’t even need to weigh you down. Our wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes means that you’ll never have to worry about not having that perfect bit of bling to wear. Whether you’d prefer to keep it simple with a delicate gold bar or strut your stuff with a series of layered necklaces, we’ve got exactly what you need.

    A small pendant necklace is the perfect accessory for tea with grandma, but isn’t too stuffy for wearing out for drinks with friends. Wear a delicate cross necklace to a friend’s wedding or a First Communion party, and then switch to a diamond necklace for wearing out to the nightclub. And what could be more perfect for a wedding of your own than a delicate pearl necklace? No matter where you’re going, what you’re up to, or who you’re with, there’s one of our necklaces calling your name, one that will look absolutely great on you.

    If you have a lot of big jewelry or chunky necklaces, don’t worry. Our dainty necklaces can be combined with all kinds of other accessories for a modern, chic look. Brighten up a serious business outfit without overwhelming it, or add some class to a more casual look—after all, jeans and a T-shirt look a lot nicer with a delicate necklace added! A dainty bow necklace is the perfect feminine touch to add to a prom, homecoming or formal dress. And if you’re looking for a more unusual look, we have plenty of unique shapes in our dainty necklace collection that will help you stand out from the crowd.

    Our jewelry is high quality—just not high price. Most of our delicate gold and silver pieces cost less than $50 apiece, without sacrificing the glittery bling and admiration of a much more expensive item. There’s no need to spend too much on similar items, so save up for that dream vacation or new outfit, and keep looking just as cute as you can be at the same time. The best of both worlds, indeed!

    So now the only question we have for you is, which shape to pick? Decisions, decisions! We have delicate wishbone necklaces, tree of life shapes, Cupid’s arrows and doves. Give the flower child in your life a beautiful daisy pendant. Give the woman—Mom, Grandmom, or even your godmother-- who will be in your life forever an elegant infinity shape. And gentlemen, what could be luckier than a dainty four-leafed clover necklace or a pair of wishbones as a gift for that lucky girl? With so many great choices (and such great prices!) you may not have to choose! Buy them all, save a bunch, and keep your look dainty and delicate. Lucky you!

    Delicate Necklaces

    A little bit can a long way—especially when it comes to jewelry.... 

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    Being in style and not breaking the bank is the "in thing". Why spend a fortune on designer jewelry when you can get the look for less. At Sterling Forever you will find thousands of items that will help you get the look for less. Our sterling silver, designer style products are of the highest quality. Made from high grade sterling silver and cubic zirconia stones, our products are set to impress while not being too hard on your purse

    Making designer inspired jewelry affordable has been one of our driving forces. Go in style wearing one of our many designer style pieces. Have a taste of how it feels to wear the latest and trendiest products for less. Surprise her with that CZ studded engagement ring topped with a square cut CZ that further cements your love for her. Did we forget to mention that we also offer sterling silver bracelets and pendants, among other sterling silver products. Wear that celebrity look now with a smile on your face knowing you didn’t put a dent on your budget.

    Designer Style Jewlery

    Being in style and not breaking the bank is the "in thing".... 

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    If it was hot in the '90s, chances are, the trend will make a 360 degree circle back to the runway - just think crop tops, flatforms and overalls. These blast from the past fads are back and making their mark in the fashion world yet again. So, naturally, one of our favorite trends from that decade is back with a vengeance, ear cuffs. Though this trend may look intimidating, the ear cuff is truly what you make of it. Styling an ear cuff is everything. From simply chic to a shocking statement, it’s all about how you style the look.

    Adding an ear cuff to an outfit is a great way to add a bit of high fashion and edge. So how do you wear a bold ear cuff? Though the task may look overwhelming, it is really quite simple and oh-so-chic. Treat an ear cuff similar to a statement necklace. Keep all other accessories simple and always remember on ear cuff is enough – these are not earrings.

    Spotted on runways, fashion influencers and bloggers, and the ears of many stylish celebrities, it's clear that ear cuffs are here with a mission. We expect to see the ear cuff continue to take hold on ears everywhere. Modern variations of ear cuffs have taken on a style of their own and are so much more than the simple single silver hoops popularized by '90s grunge. Both high–end designer and mainstream fashion companies are creating their own spin on the ear cuff, proving to be a fan favorite and top trend for 2015.  With our wide range of mixed metals and gorgeous gems, we offer on-trend and unique styles up for grabs.

    With so many innovative styles how can we choose just one? Try a delicate pearl-studded or petite style for a feminine flare.  Looking to take your ensemble up a level? Try a stone and chain mix for a bit edge and attention-grabbing trend.  Too bold for your taste? Try a simple clean design and cuts in gold or silver that look like subtle & chic ear embellishments. This keeps you on top of the trend without leaving your comfort zone. A more extreme look style icons are loving is a mix of chains & pendants that has one end cuffed to your ear and the other tied in your hair. Looking for something lux? For a super-rich dramatic look opt for a gem embellished ear cuff, that look like diamonds adorning your ears. Make sure to pull your hair back and let the ear cuff shine. Similar to any statement piece, an ear chuff can be the center piece accessory for a night out or an evening event.

    Whether you are sporting a dainty hooped ear cuff or a full-on glamorous statement piece, we have an ear cuff ideal for you and your unique style. Adding a bit of edge to your ensemble is a great way to increase your effortless, cool girl look. Another huge perk with the ear cuff trend is that some variations don’t even requite a real piercing!

    Ear Trends

    If it was hot in the '90s, chances are, the trend will make... 

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    What's the first thing you need when you're ready to propose? The ring, of course! We all want to give that special someone the biggest, fanciest, most beautiful engagement ring that we can find—after all, the love of your life deserves it. But not everyone has the budget to accommodate diamond rings. Luckily, there are options out there for everyone. Sure, diamonds might be the most famous type of engagement rings, but if you've never considered purchasing one made from cubic zirconia or sterling silver, you could be missing out on a gorgeous ring with an extra gorgeous price tag. There's no need to keep up with the Joneses--instead, you can show off how beautiful working within your budget can be!

    Crafted in cubic zirconia and/or sterling silver, your fake engagement ring will have all the sparkle without the same damage to your wallet. And don’t be nervous about buying a cheap engagement ring! With so many styles, cuts and colors in our inventory, no one will ever believe that that snazzy new piece of bling is a so-called fake diamond ring. And less money means you can afford to shell out for a bigger stone for her--after all, your soon-to-be fiancee deserves a ring with as much personality as she has.

    These are durable, beautiful 'fake rings' that are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing. Diamonds are, of course, the hardest substance on Earth, but cubic zirconia isn't too shabby, either (an 8 on the Mohs Hardness Scale, as compared with diamond's 10). And our sterling silver is combined with other metals, like copper, to increase its durability. Your ring will look and last just like a REAL DIAMOND!

    Even better? Cubic zirconia and sterling silver are conflict-free jewelry. Since they're made synthetically, there's no involvement in the blood diamond industry--so you're not just spending less money, you can feel good about your purchase. Since they're man-made, cubic zirconia comes in all sorts of colors and color combinations that just aren't found in natural diamonds. Sterling Forever is one one leading brands for fake wedding rings.

    Here, you’ll find a wide assortment of cheap engagement rings that look elegant and sell for less than $100. Whether you’re going for a classic look, a ring that’s a little more unusual, or something in between, you’ll find it here at Sterling Forever. Did your special lady swoon over Kate Middleton’s engagement ring? We've got our own version, a royal and elegant look at a commoner's price.  Maybe, she wants to stand out from the crowd with a canary or pink stone? Don't worry. We’ve got plenty of fake diamonds to choose from!

    Fake diamond rings can mean real savings—and true beauty. Don’t be afraid to save your money for the perfect honeymoon or your first home. Instead, pick out a cheap ring instead of a diamond or platinum ring in the quadruple digits. After all, you can’t put a price tag on the love you feel for that perfect person in your life, but you can get your lady something beautiful on absolutely any budget. All you need to worry about is how to ask her to marry you, not how to pay for it with our beautiful fake engagement rings! 

    Engagement Rings

    What's the first thing you need when you're ready to propose? The...