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    Timeless Beauty of Silver Hoop Earrings

    Hoop earrings have been a girl’s classiest accessory for years! They’re timeless and match with anything. We have a collection of sterling silver hoop earrings ranging in size and design - from the classic silver hoop to unique designs like the bubbles hoop. We even have styles comparable to designers like our mesh or roman numeral hoop earrings. If you’re looking for something with some sparkle, check out the ones embedded with cubic zirconia on the inside and out. Pick one that best suits you! It’ll be your most used accessory as you can wear it with any outfit, day or night. 

    Silver and Gold Hoop Earrings

    Timeless Beauty of Silver Hoop Earrings Hoop earrings have been a girl’s... 

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    Versatile Collections of Silver and Gold Layered Necklaces

    If one of something is good, two must be better—or even three, or four! It’s true for a lot of things, but especially necklaces, which is why we love to layer them. And thankfully, we’ve got plenty of layered necklace collections to ensure that you’ll have the perfect combination of pieces for when you’re headed out to look your most stylish. Our layered necklace collection is perfect for mixing and matching, whether it’s a group of lucky wishbones or a delicate collection of silver bows and ribbons. Express your femininity, show off your unique and creative personal style, or just have fun layering as many of our silver or gold necklaces as you see fit!

    There’s nothing cuter for you to wear to your sorority gathering than a sparkling silver chevron necklace, and later, when you’re going out with the girls, layer it with a gold disk for a bold, funky nighttime look. Impress everyone in your art class with a boho-chic eye necklace set, or show your mom or best friend that your love will last forever with a gem-studded infinity necklace that perfectly layers with both big and small necklaces.

    Want to catch the eye of that cutie in your class or at work? Invoke the magic of Cupid himself with a sparkling Cupid’s arrow necklace—layer it with your other favorites to make a statement, and maybe to get him to ask you out. And if you know your friend has to be on top of every trend, be sure to give her a trendy chain necklace for her birthday to ensure that she’ll be the envy of everyone she meets. She’ll adore you for it!

     If you’re on your way to an interview for that dream job you’ve been fantasizing about forever, and you want to look your most professional (but maybe also as cute as you can be)? Nothing could be better than a pair of layered gold crescents. Elegant and understated, these bars will pull together a career look, but will also look just as good when you’re out celebrating your new job at brunch the next week. Who says layered necklaces can’t be multitaskers, too?

     Of course, you don’t have to be on a CEO’s salary to afford these amazing layered necklace pieces. We’re all about bringing you the most gorgeous necklaces for the best price. And who doesn’t love getting two for the price of one, especially when the price is so great to start with? Our layered silver necklaces are widely varied, so you can pick and choose your favorites and start layering away. Then again, maybe you just can’t choose, and who can blame you? You’re just going to have to get them all and layer them together in new ways every day to match your outfit and your mood. With all our layered necklaces under $65, you’re sure to find plenty of stuff to layer and to love, no matter what your budget looks like.  

    Silver and Gold Layered Necklaces

    Versatile Collections of Silver and Gold Layered Necklaces If one of something... 

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    Be Bold, Express Yourself with Silver Statement Earrings

    Are earrings your absolute favorite thing in the whole wide world? Do you ask for them for every birthday and holiday? Do you feel completely undressed without your earrings on, even if you’re not leaving the house? Is any trip to the mall held up by an extended browsing session in the earring section of the jewelry store? Then you’re in the right place! Our collection of statement earrings is enough to satisfy even the most hardcore earring enthusiast, and we know that you want them big and funky without looking tacky. So go on, take as much time as you want looking at our wide variety—the hard part is choosing just one!

    And what a selection to choose from! You can go full-on bling with our darling drop earrings that glitter like diamonds (without the pesky diamond price tag!). You’ll be the master of flower power with our bold, colorful crystal flower, and if you love the cute princess look, our pink shimmer drops are exactly what you’re looking for. Purple cluster earrings will help you put together that unique, regal look, while our big, sparkly hoops are versatile enough to wear with both casual and fancy outfits! Go for the elegant look without sacrificing sparkle with our radiant teardrop earrings. And if you really want to be the most noticeable one at your next party, our chandelier earrings are a can’t-miss piece that will turn every head.

    You might be worried that you can’t pull off the statement earring look, but don’t worry—it’s a trend that everyone can look good in! Unlike many beauty and fashion products, which rely on your height, skin tone or face shape, statement earrings are universally flattering, so you never have to feel like you’re not ‘right’ for our fun pieces. Big earrings are a major fashion statement that can be worn with anything in your closet, from the most formal of formal wear to a casual going-on-an-errand-run outfit. The trick is just finding the specific statement piece that will work for you and for the clothes you’ve already got in your wardrobe. But with our wide variety of styles, you’re guaranteed to find the one (or five, or ten!) that’s going to make your inner beauty come right out! And if you want to spread the love, our statement earrings make fantastic gifts for brides, moms, sisters and gal pals. Now you can all rock the trend together without looking exactly alike. What could be better?

    Best of all, our prices are much better than those jewelry stores in the mall. We’re committed to creating fun, varied, high-quality sterling silver jewelry without jacking up the price. And if you still haven’t picked just one of our earring sets yet (we know, it’s so hard to do!), know that you probably don’t have to! Many of our statement earrings are under $30, meaning that you can indulge without emptying out your bank account. This calls for a celebration—how about more earrings?

    Silver and Gold Statement Earrings

    Be Bold, Express Yourself with Silver Statement Earrings Are earrings your absolute... 

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    Classic Sophistication in Silver Stud Earrings

    Stud earrings add a subtle pop of sparkle or color to any outfit. The best part is they’re appropriate for any occasion. You’ll love our diverse collection of stud earrings. We have classic styles like the sterling silver butterflies, teardrops, and wishbone studs. Our starfish and bubbles stud earrings are super chic! We’ve got celebrity-inspired styles like the crown studs similar to the ones Lupita Nyong’o wore on the red carpet! Our simple cubic zirconia studs in white, pink, red, green, and blue are must-haves for every girl. We have classic pearl imitation studs that you can wear with anything. If you’re feeling bold then you’ll love the geometric acrylic studs. Check out the mismatched studs (very on-trend!) like the lock & key or moon & star. Not to mention, any of these would make perfect gifts for any girl! 

    Silver and Gold Stud Earrings

    Classic Sophistication in Silver Stud Earrings Stud earrings add a subtle pop...