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Be advised that we are re-sellers that are not affiliated with any designer jewelry brand


    We at Sterling Forever make sure that nothing but the best in silver jewelry is made available to you, your perfect accessory is just but a click away. Using rigid quality assurance processes, we see to it that our products, aside from being up to date, are reasonably priced without compromise in quality.


     However, please bear in mind that we do not manufacture our products, rather we are re-sellers who put our best efforts in ensuring that our buyers are given the appropriate value for their hard-earned money. We only act as the middlemen in ensuring that highly skilled craftsmen and you are given the means to enjoy the appreciation and quality of the products our website offers.

     In no way are we also affiliated with any famous designer brands. Though we have products that sport the same look, feel, and touch of popular brands, we do not claim that they are genuine and authenticated versions of such. Following this policy, we never put any markings, stamps, or labels brandishing names of famous designers and the company they represent.

     If instances would arise wherein celebrities and other famous persons would grace our site wearing the same items we sell, please note that we don’t portray them like so, since we only post and sell high grade replicas of their precious collections at a fraction of the cost. Neither are they endorsers of our website.

     Upon substantial evidence of any copyright and intellectual property infringement, we at Sterling Forever would to the full extent of the laws applicable ensure that identified products will be removed from our website until proven otherwise.