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Sterling Silver Sideways CZ Cross Bracelet


Sterling Forever

Sterling Silver Sideways CZ Cross Bracelet


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This sterling silver sideways CZ cross bracelet makes a perfect gift! Delicate and sparkling for extra flair. Made from high-quality materials to ensure years of enjoyment.

Metal: .925 Sterling Silver
Approx. Weight: 1.20 Grams
Dimensions: 28 1mm Cz's
Stone: Cubic Zirconia
Stone Color: White

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It’s happened to all of us. We’re flipping through our favorite celebrity magazine or watching a star-studded awards show, and we see our favorite movie star or singer wearing something that we adore. We want it more than we can say…but we probably can’t afford the jewelry that their million-dollar budgets allow. It’s heartbreaking! But it doesn’t have to be an exercise in jealousy. Our celebrity bracelet collection is perfect for the girl who has red carpet dreams but a more realistic budget. And it doesn’t matter whether you’re strolling down Hollywood Boulevard or just walking down the aisle of your local grocery store—you’re sure to turn heads with our stunning bangles and cuffs.

Our celebrity collection includes the adorable elephant jewel cuff, which will appeal to the travel fanatic and animal lover, and the subtle yet striking T cuff bangle. If you’ve just got to have a bracelet to match every outfit exactly, down to the color, then our multicolored triangle open cuffs will be especially appealing. After all, we’ve got them in every tone, from diamond to emerald to citrine! And you just might get mistaken for a celebrity when you have our flashy chain link pave crystal stud bracelet on your wrist. When you’re wearing a bracelet from the Sterling Forever celebrity bracelet collection, you’d better be prepared to sign autographs wherever you go!

Want to amp up the red carpet look even more? Layer your bracelets! Celebs have known how stylish a well-layered collection of bracelets can be for a while now, and now you can copy that look for yourself. Pair an open moon cuff in gold or silver with one of our sterling silver bead bracelets for a feminine, sleek look in a varied color palette. Or wear two of our string wrap bracelets at once to maximize their colorful beauty. The choice is all yours—take control of your look!

And if you really want to be at the height of fashion? Well, you might want to ditch the girly glitz in favor of something unexpected—an industrial glam look. We’ve got some twisted nail bracelets in silver, rose gold and yellow gold that will wow all your fans. Maybe you’re not a true celebrity just yet, but add some photos of these trendy nail bracelets, and you’re sure to become Instagram famous.

Of course, social media fame doesn’t always mean you’re as rich as your favorite celebs—if only could earn a dollar for every ‘like’ you get on that stunning photo of you and your jewelry! Luckily for you, that’s not going be a problem while you’re shopping at Sterling Forever. Your typical-girl budget will get you a whole host of famous-girl goodies, and you’ll be able to shop to your heart’s content for glamorous bracelets. And the next time you see your movie star idol rocking some amazing wrist bling, you can feel excited instead of jealous. Now, you know just where to get an identical piece for a fraction of the price.

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